Federate your teams around the
environmental transition

Within the same company, it is sometimes difficult to
understand the professions of others and their challenges.
Dametis helps your teams move forward together towards
objectives of environmental performance fixed.

Encourage cooperation
between all professions and all teams

Why the trades do not understand each other?

In a company, everyone tends to see things from their window, through the codes and challenges of their profession. Here is an example with the subject ofenergetic efficiency.

The management committee wants to improve the company's energy performance. For this, he writes a roadmap and sends it to the industrial director, who sets up a strategy to achieve the objective. At the operational level, workers receive instructions and steps to follow. But very often, they do not understand the issues of the management committee.

How Dametis promotes cooperation?

To avoid such a divide between trades, the module Project of the MyDametis platform verticalizes the factory and makes it possible to supervise the challenges, objectives and KPIs of each one. In this way, the teams better understand why they are asked to achieve a particular objective. For management, it is a lever for creating overall cohesion and motivating employees.

It's a great way to involve everyone around a common goal and to move together in the same direction: to make the plant more viable and less polluting.

MyDametis: a platform for effective cooperation of all professions in the environmental transition

Our MyDametis platform makes it possible to retrieve and process raw data to make it accessible and understandable to all professions involved in environmental transition, from workers in the field to the general manager who carries the company's strategic vision. Thus, our solution offers a global and coherent view of the environmental issues and the actions taken to respond to them, thus promoting effective collaboration between the various actors and businesses of the company.

Operational professions

Field staff need to check the status of installations and the network in real time to ensure that everything is under control. MyDametis allows you to set alarms and automate repetitive tasks to facilitate their daily work.

The factory manager

He supervises his factories to anticipate drifts, see what can be improved and achieve his KPIs. Thanks to MyDametis, he visualizes everything in one place. He can compare his plants, identify the one that works best and draw inspiration from it to optimize the others. MyDametis also makes it easier for him to send reports to his management to show progress.

Financial professions

The CFO must control the budget and wants more control over the subcontractors who work on a plant. MyDametis gives him access to detailed dashboards with all the figures relevant to him.
As for the management controller, MyDametis helps him anticipate his KPIs to make accurate forecasts and minimize risks.

The Director General

With MyDametis, he has a macro view of energy performance andcarbon footprint of its factories.

The buyer

He needs precise data on plant consumption in order to anticipate and negotiate contracts with energy and water suppliers. The MyDametis interface shows him all the data he needs to make the best choices.

Involve your teams,
we begin ?

Achieving your environmental performance goals starts with a first brick. Book a call with a business expert to see how to make it easier for your teams to work together towards a common goal.


They have chosen

Originally, we mainly chose MyDametis to monitor our key indicators in real time. We quickly realized that the platform allowed our teams to better understand the strategies put in place around energy efficiency. Communication is more fluid and we save time!

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