MyStrategy: towards environmental performance

Your industrial group wants to initiate its environmental transition with objectives set for 2030 or 2050? With MyStrategy, we support you in creating, budgeting, and implementing a master plan to address your biggest energy and environmental challenges.

Your Environmental Performance Master Plan

If your industrial group aims to engage in a long-term environmental approach, you need a macro vision in the form of a master plan. MyStrategy supports you in developing and implementing your environmental transition strategy.


Identify your challenges and diagnose your environmental performance

Your industrial group may have set specific guidelines with objectives to achieve within 10 or 25 years in terms of energy consumption, water savings, or carbon emission reduction. Or perhaps the ambitions are there but the vision is still unclear. In any case, MyStrategy starts by identifying the major challenges of your industrial group in terms of environmental performance. In this initial phase, we conduct a thorough diagnosis of the current performance and capabilities of your industrial sites.


Setting your goals to meet your environmental challenges

MyStrategy helps you define measurable goals that will help you meet the major environmental challenges facing your industrial group. What are the future needs of your sites? What are the upcoming regulatory developments in terms of CSR? What are your group’s decarbonization objectives? These are all questions that the master plan transforms into projects.


Establishing the master plan to achieve your goals

The master plan allows you to prioritize these projects according to their urgency and estimated return on investment. Each project unfolds in the form of a concrete action plan. Stay ahead of your future challenges and engage in a Industry 4.0 approach by investing in in-depth strategic support with MyStrategy.


We improve your environmental performance, one project at a time

If MyStrategy offers you a macro vision, MyProject allows you to focus on the implementation of a specific project. Bring your projects to life from design to monitoring through a performance commitment. Are you looking to upgrade the machinery at an industrial site? Planning improvements to optimize performance? Contact Dametis Project.
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Improving your environmental performance, shall we start?

Improving your environmental performance starts with a first step. Schedule a call with a business expert to discuss your issue.


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Dametis has been supporting us for over 3 years and we are already seeing the concrete effects of their actions. It is up to us to implement the recommended actions if we want to achieve our carbon reduction goals.

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