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Energy management as-a-service

Outsourcing the job of energy manager eliminates unnecessary costs and increases competitiveness. From energy budget to project management, including the detection of variances or the implementation of the master plan, our offer is modular and flexible.

A simple and comprehensive energy management service

We undertake all your energy management related tasks for you.

  • Definition and budget guarantee
  • Identification and resolution of any variances
  • Implementation of corrective actions (maintenance, equipment changes, etc.)
  • Planning and monitoring of preventive actions (inspection and cleaning of machines, etc.)
  • Invoice follow-up and corrections
  • Design and management of energy efficiency projects and works
  • Development and implementation of the master plan
  • Raising team awareness on energy challenges, etc.

A virtuous approach that facilitates carbon neutrality

Constantly evolving, the job of energy manager is becoming more and more essential in industry. Outsourcing such a strategic function can be daunting.

In reality, our “energy management as-a-service” offer responds to a manufacturing strategy defined by the client and is built around the internal skills of the various sites. It offers a guarantee of cost reduction, homogenisation of internal processes and reporting structures, and convergence of technologies and practices towards an ideal defined by the industrial management.

It allows agility and speed within this new decarbonisation objective.

Management of energy performance projects and works

Our engineering consultancy, in charge of energy performance engineering projects, allows you to go further in outsourcing energy management. Thanks to a diversified project portfolio, our new works engineers benefit from valuable and comprehensive technical, financial, legal, and managerial expertise. Depending on your needs, our “energy management as-a-service” offer can include the management of projects and works.


Combining all the company’s activities into energy management every day, thanks to an intelligent and collaborative platform.


Defining the ideal factory and creating a master plan for moving towards zero-carbon energy factories.

Energy management

Supporting sites every day: our offer is modular and flexible.


Technical, legal, and financial design of works projects, management of work sites and monitoring of their performance, etc.