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Reconciling Industry and Environment

Achieving zero-carbon

Industry and ecology are compatible – it’s our job to prove it every day, out in the field. We support manufacturers towards zero-carbon energy by reducing their consumption to what we call the “minimum achievable energy”, before optimising the carbon intensity of this energy. We provide financial engineering at every stage of these transitions, towards the ideal low-carbon factory.

Zero Carbone

They put their trust in us

Alban Muller


Combining all the company’s activities into energy management every day, thanks to an intelligent and collaborative platform.


Defining the ideal factory and creating a master plan for moving towards zero-carbon energy factories.

Energy management

Supporting sites every day: our offer is modular and flexible.


Technical, legal, and financial design of works projects, management of work sites and monitoring of their performance, etc.

Supporting you in your energy transition

Etape 6

Our EMS software, designed by energy experts, allows each plant to be broken down into similar ‘blocks’ that can be modelled. We can then compare these bricks with each other – from one factory to another, and against a virtual ideal block. Objective: to establish an energy score, define a margin of progress or maintain a performance level over a given time, and identify the best actions to be implemented. This methodology has a name : the Lego theory.

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