Dametis Expertise: energy audit and support from our experts

Do you need to improve the environmental performance of your industrial site? start with an energy audit and appoint a dedicated business expert consultant to support you in the short or long term.

3 reasons to call on Dametis Expertise


Cutting-edge expertise

Energy engineers, automation engineers, PLC & process engineers: our environmental performance experts are at the forefront in their respective fields. Trained in energy efficiency, water management and material loss, they have already accompanied hundreds of industrial sites.


Tailor-made missions

Homogenize internal processes, rationalize technologies, implement new processes: our consultants adapt to all your challenges related to your environmental performance.


Less cost, more performance

With Dametis Expertise, there is no need to hire an expert all year round: our consultants intervene only when you need them. Reduce your costs, maximize your performance.

The missions of your dedicated business consultant

Our Dametis experts travel to your industrial site to support you in the management of a specific project, to optimize your environmental transition or to train your teams in best practices.


It helps you define the budgets to be allocated to consume less energy, save water or reduce material loss.


It identifies deviations and malfunctions and establishes a diagnosis.


He plans and monitors corrective and preventive actions.


He implements corrective actions such as a new process or a change of equipment, for example.

Innovation Booster

After resolving the urgent questions, your Dametis consultant will suggest areas for development to continue and sustain your environmental transition.

Technical lessons

It ensures the design and management of projects and works that are part of a low-carbon approach.


It makes your teams aware of environmental issues in the form of workshops or industrial and technological monitoring reports.

Trainer of your teams

We created the Dametis Academy because training your teams is the best long-term investment you can make.


Always up to date with the latest news
technical and technological innovation
in his field, your Dametis expert can
train your employees to
empower them, raise them
skills and make them autonomous on
essential topics.

Referent MyDametis

MyDametis is the most comprehensive software on the market for managing the environmental performance of manufacturers.


Make the most of MyDametis to control your costs and your environmental impact. Your Dametis expert teaches you how to master the powerful features of this software.
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What type of mission do you need?

With Dametis Expertise, the main focus is on long assignments. But we also offer one-off assignments that generally last less than 3 months. Here is a mini comparison table to help you choose the type of mission best suited to your situation.

A punctual mission

long mission

< 3 months

> 3 months
Audit: ~ 1 week Measurement plan: ~ 2 weeks

Provision of an expert business consultant

One payment
Monthly subscription

A punctual mission

< 3 months

Audit: ~ 1 week Measurement plan: ~ 2 weeks
One payment

long mission

> 3 months

Provision of an expert business consultant
Monthly subscription


Anticipate future challenges related to your environmental performance

Do you want to see further and take a step ahead of future challenges related to the environmental performance of your industrial sites? Invest in in-depth strategic support with Dametis Strategy. After analyzing and comparing your different factories, we define the ideal virtual version of each of them. Based on this audit, we draw up the guidelines to follow to improve your environmental performance in the medium and long term. The result is about twenty or thirty concrete projects to be implemented. For each project, we create a table with investments, savings and potential reduction in carbon emissions. This allows us to know which projects to prioritize.


Dametis' offer is 360. The ultimate solution that combines business expertise and software power.

Dametis Expertise


Dametis Strategy

Dametis Project

Improving your environmental performance, shall we begin?

Improving your environmental performance starts with a first brick. Book a call with a business expert to explain your problem.


They chose the Dametis Academy

In the space of 2 years, our site has made more than 80% savings on the perimeter of the production of domestic hot water. Now, we are tackling a more ambitious goal with Dametis Expertise: halving our carbon emissions by 2030. production engineer Cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry