MyDametis EMS software:
business expertise × software power

Imagine that specialists are working 24/7 on the optimization of your industrial sites. This is what MyDametis offers you, the only software designed 100% by experts in environmental performance.

Our EMS software (Energy Management System) MyDametis has already given the keys to more than 40 companies to boost
the environmental performance of their industrial sites.

EMS software

5 reasons to choose EMS MyDametis software

The brains of our experts integrated into EMS software to support your performance

You do not have all the internal resources to manage your environmental performance? Are you struggling to find experts to support you?

EMS software MyDametis consists of business rules defined by real experts in each area of ​​environmental performance. With MyDametis, these brains are available to you 24/7; human expertise augmented by technology.

EMS software
EMS software

Master energy, water and
material loss on a single

Are you exhausted by having to juggle several monitoring tools and modules to correlate different indicators?

With MyDametis EMS software, this problem is a thing of the past. Supervise all of your industrial sites from a single interface, accessible by all your employees concerned with environmental performance issues. No more worries about double entry! Interfacable with your software and your physical objects, MyDametis places itself at the center of your strategy for improving environmental performance.

Save Time
and concentrate
on the essential

Do you spend a lot of time collecting and analyzing your consumption data when you could invest it in other actions with higher added value?

MyDametis EMS software takes care of all these time-consuming tasks for you. Invest this saved time in interpreting data and making decisions to improve performance indicators.

EMS software
EMS software

Make the mission easier
of each job

Do your employees sometimes have trouble understanding each other? A clear tool for one is not always for the other?

Configure and personalize the EMS MyDametis software interface to meet the challenges of each profession. Specific data or macro vision of environmental performance, forecast energy budget dashboard or real-time alert messages: MyDametis knows how to speak to all professions.

Bet on an interface
simple and intuitive

There is a major problem with EMS software similar to MyDametis: their interface is complicated and difficult to use.

We have designed the MyDametis interface so that it can be used by any employee. Drag and drop function, configuration in two clicks, possibility of adding photos of your machines, very visual rendering with graphs and histograms: the interface is intuitive down to the smallest detail. In addition, you can mention your colleagues to find solutions in a collaborative way.

EMS software

Your ideal factory thanks to the
Lego theory

To optimize the environmental performance of your industrial sites, the EMS MyDametis software uses the principles of Lego theory.

Why the Lego theory?

Before improving the performance of a plant, you have to know where you are starting from and what ideal you want to aim for. But how to define standards when all the factories are different from each other? This is where the Lego theory makes sense.

Because if each factory is a unique combination of utilities and processes, we find the same utilities and processes from one factory to another.

Just like Lego blocks, there are a limited number of basic elements which, combined with each other, make it possible to create an infinite number of complex assemblies.

The blocks of any factory are modelable, standardizable and therefore comparable to those of other factories or ideal virtual factories.

Towards your ideal virtual factory

The idea is to benchmark your plant against the best version of itself when it comes to environmental performance.

To achieve this, our EMS MyDametis software begins by making a complete map of your factory by dividing it into blocks and sub-blocks. Each block is assigned a score ofenergetic efficiency and environmental compared to an equivalent ideal virtual block.

For underperforming blocks, Dametis defines the room for improvement and the changes to be made to move towards the ideal plant.

How does the EMS MyDametis software work?

Dametis has developed innovative block and sub-block typing methods, combining mathematical modelling, R&D, technology watch and real-time monitoring.

When sobriety and energy efficiency are at their maximum, modeling makes it possible to maintain a high level of performance over time.

In short, the Lego theory makes it possible to define a frame of reference in which the scoring of environmental performance is standardized.

How it works
MyDametis, your energy management software and much more.

EMS software

Business expertise × software power

With more than 20 years of experience, our business experts are at the forefront in their respective fields: management of energy, water and material loss.

The EMS software, MyDametis encapsulates all our business expertise and combines them with the software power of data processing.

Based on Smart Data technology, our algorithms collect and process performance data from each utility second by second.

This data processing power makes it possible to prescribe the optimal settings in real time, according to an exhaustive list of constraints: site needs and capacities, technical interactions and simultaneities, environmental objectives, etc.

MyDametis, the EMS software
step by step

1. Collection

data from your plant, visualizes environmental performance in real time.

2. Model

the data of your plant and compares them with its virtual ideal in order to identify the margins of progress and potential savings.

4. Recommends

the best solutions and actions to be taken for optimal energy and environmental efficiency.

3. Detects

drifts automatically thanks to the alarms configured upstream.

Designed features
for you, by our experts


Supervise all your processes by
real time thanks to the synoptic

The Synoptic module of MyDametis allows you to display and supervise in real time any installation or process diagram. The synoptic focuses on one production line or one utility at a time: compressed air for example.

With the Synoptic module:

- Visualize a complex process at a glance
- Display the links between physical elements
- Track operation data
- Detect any deviations
- Display in two clicks the diagrams you want to follow thanks to drag and drop
- Customize your interface with visuals of your own installations


Set alerts, work
serene mind

The Alarm functionality alerts you in the event of a critical drift for industrial control. You can configure this alert based on a measured variable (meter, sensor) or a calculated variable (significant difference between a measured figure and an estimated figure).

With the Alarm feature:

- List critical points and automatically ensure they don't drift
- View each alarm triggered, its status and by whom it was acknowledged
- Choose which team member should be alerted and how (WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc.)
- Work calmly because you know that you will be notified in the event of suspicion or malfunction


Generate effective reports
custom made

All your collaborators can generate personalized reports thanks to the Reports feature.

With the Reports feature:

- Each user can generate reports adapted to the needs and challenges of their business
- Obtain precise statistics (average, deviation from the estimate, minimum and maximum reached, volume saved, etc.)
- Produce a summary of performance indicators against a modeled objective
- Get a global view of your group and compare the performance of different industrial sites
- Configure your report in two clicks thanks to drag and drop
- Edit the same report with several people
- Your reports are pleasant and easy to read thanks to colorful and very visual graphs


Identify the origins of drifts

The Playground module calculates variables, makes equations and models the data to highlight the influential parameters that are at the origin of the drifts.

With the Playground feature:

- Better understand the behavior of production tools
- Exploit complex data and easily identify the origin of drifts
- Add as many variables and calculations as you want
- Freehand measure the difference between two points, modify a period in two clicks
- Comment on the graphs and notify your collaborators by mentioning them


Full and responsive support
at your service

Whether it is to guide you in the use of energy management software
or to solve technical problems,
our MyDametis support team is at your service.

A dedicated team always by your side

EMS software

Dedicated team
engineers and experts

EMS software
Located in France at
Paris and Angers
EMS software
Your interlocutor
principal: Wijdane,
support engineer

How does MyDametis support work?

0 - Search our FAQ

Accessible from your customer portal, our FAQ and
lists the most frequently asked questions about
MyDametis. You will surely find the solution there.
your problem. If you can't find it, you
can proceed to the next step.

1 - Ask your question

From your MyDametis customer portal, ask us your
question or indicate where you are stuck. Your
request automatically creates a ticket that will be taken
charging within 4 working hours.

You can also call our team directly
remote maintenance support.

2 - An expert answers you

An expert from our MyDametis support team will
responds within 3 days for a blocking anomaly and
within 5 days for a major anomaly.

3 - You receive a follow-up report

Once the problem is solved, you receive a report
of follow-up which recapitulates the evolution of the resolution, stage
by step. On our side, it allows us to improve the
quality of our MyDametis support.

Our support solves
your technical problems

Our technical support is at your service to ensure the correct
operation of the EMS MyDametis software. In case of problem,
an expert intervenes to solve it as soon as possible.



Checking the box

and its good

System monitoring

data feedback box
and platform

Creating alarms

for failures of
defined critical data


Fault detection

based on data
criticism or not


standardized HS data
and inconsistent data

EMS software update

and its configuration
(data acquisition and block diagram)

Analysis and correction

inconsistent data

Interfacing assistance

new equipment

Update of the technical book

To go further: train at MyDametis
Each Key User in your company can track 2 hours
of training per month on the use of MyDametis.

You also receive our newsletter which announces the news on MyDametis
to simplify your day-to-day environmental performance management.


Master your performance
environmental like our experts

Dametis Expertise is our flat-rate support offer that gives you the keys to go even further in controlling your environmental performance.

Do you need to learn how to create custom synoptics or reports? Do you want to set up your own alarms to alert your teams in the event of a drift on a specific utility?

Dametis Expertise also offers one-off missions, outside the framework of MyDametis.
Would you like to have a reinforcement in your energy team? benefit from precise reporting on your installations, support you in the implementation of corrective actions?

An expert comes to your industrial site to help you gradually become more independent on these subjects.


Dametis' offer is 360. The ultimate solution that
combines business expertise and software power.

energy management software

Dametis Expertise

energy management software


energy management software

Dametis Strategy

energy management software

Dametis Project


Improve your performance
environmental, shall we begin?

Do you want to test MyDametis?
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They have chosen

In the beginning, Dametis experts used the MyDametis software to analyze the origin of material loss in our factories. They managed to save us far beyond our expectations. Following this success, we started to take an interest in MyDametis and we now use it on a daily basis. When you know how to master it, it's a superpower in a field of activity like ours!

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