Gartner study: Discover the different appointments of Dametis

In addition to being a source of pride, these appointments establish the credibility of our EMS and once again proves our professionalism and expertise.

Study 1: EMS ecosystem for industry

“Established in 2019, Dametis is a private provider of energy management solutions,
a platform that consolidates businesses' operations and supports their overall energy management and optimization goals.
During 2021, 11% of Dametis' total revenue comes from its EMOS business, of which the largest category is implementation and consulting (80%). »

Published in September 2022

market guide gartner and dametis
gartner and dametis study

Study 2: Market analysis of EMS for industry

“These production-centric systems are offered by energy providers such as Dametis. Vendors that take this competitive approach generally offer operational optimization through software solutions in SaaS mode and do not sell hardware. »



Published on October 25, 2021

Study 3: Market analysis of EMS and energy optimization solutions

In order to strengthen their position in the market and alleviate the difficulties associated with creating new products, some vendors (such as Dametis) have recently acquired other EMOS solution vendors to offer enhanced functionality, integrated products and quality services.
The focus has been on increasing market share by increasing technical capabilities (such as cloud compatibility, ease of use and integration) and expanding the range with solution products carbon.

Published on September 26, 2022

gartner and dametis study
gartner and dametis study

Study 4: The growth of sustainable development

“These suppliers are growing, but may have less of a local presence outside of their home European markets. They are looking to win new customers and expand into new geographies with their existing customers.”


Published on August 11, 2022

Study 5: The growth of information technology for industry in 2022

“The business also caters to process industries and discrete manufacturing companies, with the majority of deployments in Western Europe, and one in Latin America and Eastern Europe. »

Published in July 2022

gartner and dametis study

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In the space of 2 years, our site has made more than 80% savings on the perimeter of the production of domestic hot water. Now, we are tackling a more ambitious goal with Dametis Expertise: halving our carbon emissions by 2030.

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