Dametis podcast: TETRIS, towards factory 4.0

TETRIS, towards factory 4.0. The podcast that accompanies industry players in their environmental transition, brick by brick.

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Globally, industry emits around 20% of greenhouse gases. Recent news shows us that the prices of energy and many resources can soar in the space of just a few months. In this context, if you supervise one or more industrial sites, you know that it is crucial to improve the environmental performance of your factories. Whether it is to lighten your bill, reduce your carbon footprint...

Our experts take the floor to guide you step by step!
We have conceived LA ideal roadmap to implement your environmental transition block by block.

Tetris, towards factory 4.0 - Season 1: trailer

by Dametis | Podcast

With his 25 years of experience in the field of industrial energy efficiency as Energy Technical Director and co-founder of Dametis, Sébastien Papouin shares his expertise on the first essential steps of an industrial environmental transition approach: the theory Legos and initial mapping.

After discussing the initial mapping, Sébastien Papouin now presents the simplified audit, an essential step to assess the environmental maturity of each industrial site.


Once the initial mapping and the simplified audit have been presented, Sébastien Papouin approaches the deployment phase of level 1 management software.

To succeed in environmental performance, it is essential to understand the fundamentals of energy, the water cycle and the management of energy performance projects. However, these three stages will not be able to reach their full potential without proper team training.

We are now approaching the second step to improve energy performance, namely detailed analysis. Guillaume Lepastourel, project manager at Dametis, explains to us how a measurement plan is created and the importance of carrying it out within industries. 

Baptiste Lemaître, energy engineer at Dametis, discusses what level 2 management software is and how this software makes it possible to manage a significant amount of information, thus bringing numerous advantages to industry.

Baptiste explains in this episode what the establishment of a management system is about in terms of energy and water. The goal of the EMS? a Reduce and control its environmental impact. Learn more about EMS! 

Discover with Baptiste Lemaître what good practices are useful to know and put in place to improve your energy performance

Now let's move on to the third step: adjustments. Guillaume Lepastourel, project manager at Dametis, explains the small, simple and inexpensive actions you can take to achieve significant and immediate savings.

Thorough team training is an important step. Numerous training courses exist today allowing manufacturers to know how to use software and to be autonomous, thus making it possible to improve the efficiency of the industry. 

Level 3 management software, focused more on the equipment, will allow an even more detailed, finer analysis. Learn how level 3 software works.

Improving your environmental performance, shall we begin?

Improving your environmental performance starts with a first brick. Book a call with a business expert to explain your problem.


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