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“The sustainability of the current economic model is impossible until we manage to control our environmental impact.”

Established by our 4 co-founders in 2019: Julian Aristizabal, Nicolas Duran, Cédric Pernot, and Sébastien Papouin.

Photos of the Dametis team
Photo of the co-founders

Nicolas – Cédric – Julian – Sébastien

Met during past experiences, our 4 co-founders decided to pursue their ambition together: reconciling industry and environment as quickly as possible.

photo of Julian Aristizabal


Julian starts his studies in aeronautics before shifting to the energy sector.

He enjoys entrepreneurship and co-founded METRON in 2013, but realized that the market for software solutions for energy efficiency management was not yet mature.

In 2016, Julian left METRON and joined CN Solutions, where he met Cédric and Sébastien. He co-founded Dametis with them in 2019.

As the inventor of the Lego theory, he knows that the key is to integrate experts’ knowledge into software so that industrial companies have all the tools to succeed in their environmental transition.

photo of Sebastien Papouin


After 5 years of university studies in the energy field, Sébastien began his career in 1999 at Enron in the United States.

Upon returning to France in 2002, he joined the industrial energy efficiency consulting firm Barrault Recherche as an Energy Engineer.

In 2015, Sébastien became the Technical Manager at CN Solutions. Throughout his career, he developed an intelligent regulation solution for refrigeration systems. This need was identified during his energy audits in France and abroad.

He co-founded Dametis in 2019, where he currently serves as the Technical Director. He believes that AI can conduct factory audits 24/7, unlike humans.

photo of Cedric Pernot


After studying energy efficiency and renewable energies, Cédric began his career at CertiNergy in 2011 as an Energy Engineer.

He carried out energy pre-audits and helped industrial companies implement energy-saving operations partly financed by the energy savings certificates scheme.

Cédric then joined CN Solutions, where he worked as a Project Management Officer. He coordinated project managers responsible for overseeing energy efficiency works in the industry. His added value was to ensure KPIs and project cash flow.

In 2019, he co-founded Dametis, where he became the Chief Operating Officer.

Nicolas Duran's photo
Nicolas spends 5 years studying to become a computer engineer and gains experience through internships at Dassault, Atos, and Deloitte.

Graduating in 2015, he joins Qarnot Computing as a Software Engineer. The company offers high-performance, low-carbon computing power.

Nicolas develops a unique authentication service there and manages the front-end development team. In 2017, he becomes Deputy Director of Technology, still at Qarnot Computing.

In 2019, he co-founded Dametis.


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41 Employees

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15 employees in 2021
40 employees in 2022


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