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With the explosion of energy costs and growing environmental issues, improving environmental performance is a key point for industry players.

Center of excellence, the Dametis Academy
trains manufacturers in best practices
environmental performance.

expert trainers
Expert trainers and
in their
area of ​​intervention.
international dimension

Training provided
in the entire Europe.

prorefei training

Accessible to
employees for
rise in competence
in their profession.

qualiopi training center

The quality certification was issued under the category

A commitment to eco-responsibility

Why choose the
Dametis Academy?

Accurate identification objectives of
training and adaptation to the trained public

Adaptation of reception facilities,
pedagogical follow-up and evaluation to the public of trainees.

Adequacy of teaching resources,
techniques and support for the offer of

Professional qualification
and continuous training of our trainers.

Taking feedback into account
given by the trainees.


Experienced trainers

Our Dametis Academy trainers are
recognized experts in their field of intervention.

Their teaching is practical and accessible thanks to
to a pedagogical approach and implementations
concrete situation adapted to the situation
professional group of learners.

qualified intra-company trainers

Intra-company training

Exclusively dedicated training
to your company's employees.

Inter-company training

Training that brings together employees from various companies in a space dedicated to this purpose.

intra-company training

Everything for your teams

Industrial companies

We train all employees involved in environmental energy performance.

But also Dametis customers

Training exclusively dedicated to the employees of your company, to develop their skills.

We divide our training into modules with
assessments throughout the course.
This is the best way to ensure that all
your employees progress at the same pace.

Training can be specific to your
needs in order to meet your current challenges.

tailor-made activity

An activity
of discovery

theoretical contributions
put into practice
in practice
Our courses are accessible to people with disabilities.
Contact our referent, Nathalie Barrault, so that we can welcome you in
the best conditions.


How does it work?

Study of your request

We collect and analyze your needs and
your objectives in order to build devices
training adapted to the expected results.

Program design

We design a training program
tailor-made to meet your request.

Program of the training

Our experts train your teams with
appropriate teaching aids.


At the end of the training, we make an assessment to
make sure the skills are right
mastered. For their part, learners
evaluate the training to enable us
improve the quality of our teaching.


Our current trainings

pressurized air


Air optimization

Learn the basics of compressed air and its use in industry.

Next date:

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Sebastien Papouin

Trainer: Sebastien Papouin

measurement in industry


Measurement in industry

Discover the different measuring instruments. Learn how to install them, but also how to read, follow and interpret the measured figures.

Next date: 

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guillaume lepastourel

Trainer: Guillaume Lepastourel

performance of refrigeration installations


Performance of
refrigeration plants

Analyze how an industrial refrigeration installation works and master the tools to monitor and improve its energy performance.

Next date:

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guillaume lecore

Trainer: Guillaume Lecore

pressurized air


Energy efficiency in an industrial environment

Optimize your production systems to gain energy efficiency.

Next date:

→ June 05 to June 08, 2023
→ September 11 to September 14, 2023
→ December 04 to December 07, 2023


Sebastien Papouin


Sebastien Papouin Guillaume Lepastourel
pressurized air


HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) – basics

Understand the operation of an HVAC system (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) in order to carry out energy efficiency actions.

Next date:

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Sebastien Papouin


Sebastien Papouin Guillaume Lepastourel
pressurized air


Steam and superheated water

Immerse yourself in the operation of steam, circuit equipment, regulatory constraints to make steam with maximum efficiency.

Next date:

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Sebastien Papouin


Sebastien Papouin Guillaume Lepastourel
pressurized air

Hydraulics – Distribution of fluids in industry

Study the basic principles of hydraulics to understand how components work.

Next date:

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Sebastien Papouin


Sebastien Papouin

The Dametis Academy, PROREFEI-accredited

Training of energy referents in industry

The PROREFEI Program aims to train your employees
in charge of energy management in industry and
complex tertiary.
The objective is to bring out optimization projects
concrete, realistic and profitable energy sources, adapted
to the constraints of each company.

1000 trained

factory engaged
800 companies involved
Energy saving
17% savings on your energy consumption

Your employees become real experts in 6 months with a complete program!


Step 1: A MOOC on the fundamentals of energy – 6h


Step 2: Face-to-face internship to understand the role and position of the Energy Referent, identify areas for improvement and acquire action methodologies – 2 days


Step 3: Support in real situation for the implementation of the action plan– 2 and a half days (17,5h)


Nathalie Barrault

Nathalie Barrault

Training Manager
& disability referent

answers you from 9am to 17pm
from Monday to Friday.

+33 2 52 35 24 92

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They chose the
Dametis Academy

We benefited from tailor-made training following the integration of an “Energy Advisor” employee. One training on utility production technologies and the other on MyDametis. Responsiveness and professionalism were key. Thanks again !

Dametis customer


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