Dametis Academy

Dametis Academy 2022 performance and result indicators

Posted on: 9 February 2023

Center of excellence, the Dametis Academy
trains manufacturers in best practices
environmental performance

The Dametis Academy allows its participants to engage in a training course adapted to their needs, to develop their knowledge and improve their skills.

The programs are designed to help manufacturers understand energy performance technologies and standards, and adopt and apply new practices in their work.

The training offered focuses on:

  • cost control and energy savings,
  • support for technical and technological aspects,
  • systems and facilities management,
  • raising team awareness of energy efficiency.

The Dametis Academy in 2022 is:

7 sessions organized

29 trainees trained

Training performance indicators, measured by trainee satisfaction

Summary in % of evaluation questionnaires completed by learners at the end of the training for the year 2022


Training content

  • Claire
  • Complete
  • Varied


Course of the training

  • Duration
  • Theory/practice distribution
  • Progress rate
  • Time for questions/discussions


Speaker (s)

  • Mastery of the subject
  • Pedagogy
  • Availability/response to expectations
  • Group/group life interaction


Material conditions

  • Prior information
  • Home
  • Training room
  • Media used
  • Documentation
  • Internet connection
  • Meal/break


Overall assessment of the training

What if it was your turn to train on the subjects of energy performance?

The training courses offered by the Dametis Academy in 2023 are already available on our site and you can now register!