Our vision

Energy, water and matter are exhaustible. Conversely, knowledge grows as it is shared. Dametis combines expertise and software power to enable manufacturers to reduce their environmental footprint.

Ecological awareness

We created Dametis because we are sensitive to
ecological issues such as the fight against
climate change or the preservation of ecosystems.
The more the years pass, the more we feel how
these issues are crucial and urgent at the dawn of the 21st century.

Data refers to data collected, analyzed and interpreted, because you can only optimize what you measure. Metis is the goddess of wisdom and cunning in Greek mythology: she exemplifies the human expertise within our company.

Kaya's equation

Kaya's equation states that global greenhouse gas emissions are the product of 4 factors: P = world population; S = services produced by a factory; E = energy intensity of a plant; C = plant carbon intensity.
In the absence of being able to influence the first 2 factors, Dametis is convinced that it can act on the energy intensity (E factor) and on the carbon intensity (C factor) in the industrial sector.

The challenge is to consume less energy and less carbon at an equivalent level of performance.

Hummingbird's share

To solve a problem of such magnitude, we must act on several complementary axes. We can improve the energy efficiency of factories, use carbon-free energies, aim for more sobriety in terms of resource consumption, save water and limit material loss. To tackle these issues head-on, we must act on an individual, local, national, global, entrepreneurial and associative scale.

At Dametis, we do our part for the hummingbird:
enable manufacturers to improve their environmental performance.

Reconciling industry
and environment

As we have seen recently, the energy sector can evolve rapidly and unpredictably:
it is more complex and uncertain than ever.

Industry professionals are increasingly concerned about the environmental performance of their factories and they are implementing improvement actions.

Alas, some subjects are so specific that they must be dealt with by ultra-experts. This is where Dametis comes in: to help you adapt your industrial sites to these new changes and to increasingly strict regulations.

Reconciling industry and the environment, it is possible if we apply the principles of the ideal factory.

Technology at the service of ecology

If the observation on climate change seems relentless and unanimous, what about the solutions? We noticed that there was no ERP dedicated to environmental performance as there is to manage the administration for example. To meet this need, we have designed the MyDametis software platform. It makes it possible to apply the principles of the ideal factory in real time, but also to federate all the trades of your company around a subject that has become unavoidable.

Dametis brings your employees together and coordinates everyone's actions to
improve the company's environmental performance.

Our values

The 4 cardinal values ​​that guide us


Like the fox, Dametis always finds an ingenious solution.


Dametis adapts to each situation with the ease of a chameleon.


Like the hummingbird, Dametis does its part to conserve resources.


Dametis perceives and analyzes with the lucidity of an owl.