Respond to take
of ecological awareness

With the climate emergency at the forefront, awareness
ecological is bigger than ever. Between consumers
ever more committed and ever-increasing regulations, Dametis
helps industry players act quickly and well.

Why respond to ecological awareness?

Climate change is at the top of the agenda of the moment. More and more citizens are aware of it and are taking action individually and collectively. Countries, cities and organizations have declared a state of climate emergency.

Companies are expected at the turn, including players in the industry sector. Dametis helps you to start this shift to respond to ecological awareness at your level.

ever more committed

We are witnessing a real ecological awareness among many consumers.

Some favor seasonal local produce, reduce their meat consumption and use apps to avoid food waste. Others decide not to take the plane anymore and replace the car with the bicycle or the bus.

We see the emergence of militant ecological movements and collective initiatives that undertake massive actions.

Engaged consumers who require companies to engage without greenwashing.

At Dametis, we help you reduce your footprint and prove your results by showing your low carbon score.

more demanding

Supply of local products, local subcontracting, use of local human resources: the local commitment of companies has become a key success factor.

Companies and institutions are committed to the ecological and societal plan. If these actors are your clients, you want to prove to them that you are also on this path.

Thanks to our MyDametis platform, you know your carbon footprint in real time and know what levers to activate to reduce it.

Towards a
decarbonized finance

Still too neglected, the carbon footprint of traditional banks is titanic. They finance the activities of the largest companies.

And when we know that a hundred companies generate two-thirds of carbon emissions, we understand the immense power of finance.

For example, some banks offer lower interest rates to borrowers who have implemented a Decarbonization.

We are also seeing the emergence of green neobanks and investment funds that offer their clients the opportunity to invest their money in SRI or Greenfin labeled funds to finance the ecological transition.

decarbonized finance

which is getting stronger

To encourage companies to act, States have implemented environmental taxes such as the carbon tax.

The European Union has created an emissions quota market which taxes large emitters. Between 2020 and 2022, the price of a tonne of CO₂ quadrupled until it approached the €100 mark, whereas it was forecast for 2030.

Economists are proposing a fairer model with the added carbon tax (TCA), which would take into account all greenhouse gas emissions, including those generated by imported products.

In any case, it is in your interest to get in tune with low carbon now.

ecological action,
we begin ?

Acting for the environment begins with a first brick. Book a call with a business expert to discuss the issues of your industrial sites in terms of environmental action.


They have chosen

We called on Dametis to help us in our ecological transition. We are well aware that the end consumer adapts his way of consuming and that he is more attentive to his carbon footprint and to recycling, for example. With Dametis, we have redesigned our entire production chain to meet these new expectations.

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