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A disruptive platform

Our EMS (Energy Management System) software is a collaborative platform that brings together all the company’s activities around a zero-carbon project.

Manufacturing being a technical but also a social organisation, no low-carbon transition can really work if it ignores the human element. That’s why our software combines people and data.

Combining all the activities

Maintenance managers, production operators, site managers, financial controllers, buyers, engineering or corporate managers, industrial directors, administrative and financial directors…

Extremely easy to use every day, our energy management software meets the needs of monitoring, correction, and optimisation at all activity levels, from the most operational to the most strategic. To converge the group better towards zero-carbon energy.

Software designed by energy experts

Dametis uses the Lego theory to model all the factories with its software. We compare the blocks and sub-blocks to those of our ideal factory. Simple comparisons on paper, but to make them possible, Dametis has developed innovative methods for the typing of these blocks and sub-blocks, combining mathematical modelling, R&D, technology intelligence, and real-time monitoring.

This approach allows a factory to be mapped and its energy and environmental performance to be defined. For underperforming blocks, Dametis defines the margin of progress and the changes that need to be implemented to enable a convergence towards the ideal factory.

When energy conservation and efficiency are at their highest, modelling allows a level of performance to be maintained over time.


Combining all the company’s activities into energy management every day, thanks to an intelligent and collaborative platform.


Defining the ideal factory and creating a master plan for moving towards zero-carbon energy factories.

Energy management

Supporting sites every day: our offer is modular and flexible.


Technical, legal, and financial design of works projects, management of work sites and monitoring of their performance, etc. Dametis supports you close to the field.