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Agromousquetaires: optimize 40 production sites by 2025

Over the period 2019–2030, the Les Mousquetaires Group wants to reduce its carbon footprint by 55%, knowing that 80% comes from production activities. To meet this challenge, Agromousquetaires, already very mature in terms of energy efficiency, chose Dametis to accelerate the search for energy optimization avenues. Back in figures on one of the pilot plants: The Saint-Père dairy in Saint-Père-en-Retz.

Watch the testimony of Eric Sapin, Energy Manager at Laiterie Saint-Père


The results in figures of this energy saving in industry

18 months
of deployment on the site are required for the implementation of all energy efficiency measures.
120T eqCO2

Annual energy savings are expected.

120 000€
potential annual utility savings.


The Saint-Père dairy, belonging to the Agromousquetaires group

A subsidiary of Groupement Les Mousquetaires, Agromousquetaires has been supplying Intermarché and Netto stores with French products since 1969. From meat to vegetable products and drinks, Agromousquetaires has 59 production sites divided into 6 performance areas. It is the leading private label manufacturer in the territory.

La Laiterie Saint-Père is one of the production units of the Pôle Saveurs d'Agromousquetaires, which includes beverages and dairy products.

262 M€

turnover in 2020

In a few words

Since 1905, the Saint-Père-en-Retz dairy (44) has been manufacturing dairy products: milk, butter, fresh cream and dairy desserts.

Labels & Certifications

Ecocert, Blue White Heart, IFS Food, IPLC, ISO 9001, ISO 50001


employees on the site (in 2020)



product references

Long-term support


Energy saving in industry

agri-food: a critical issue


Outdated energy monitoring systems

The Saint-Père dairy had aging energy monitoring tools. 

In addition, the reports were done in Excel format, which led to a loss of time and therefore a drop in performance for the teams.

Finally, there was no cross-referencing of data between the two sites and the animation of ISO 50001 required adequate support.

Software installation MyDametis

The teams therefore wanted to update their supervision tool by investing in a more modern system.
MyDametis allowed them to have a single tool that controls the entire chain, from data collection to the detection of deviations. It allows them to federate their teams around the environment because each business can use it for its own objectives.

Note that all the sites are visible from a single interface and all the data is centralized in the same place, which makes ISO 50 001 management both possible and simple.


A need for support to master a large amount of data

Drift detection is done via the MyDametis software. But when it is necessary to maintain the implementation of actions over time, the task is more complex.

Agromousquetaires, although mature and very advanced in terms of energy efficiency, cannot implement all the corrective actions alone to tend towards ever greater performance.

Many actions and savings identified by MyExpertise with MyDametis

The installation of MyDametis initially made it possible to identify all the sources of savings thanks to the digital twin allowing them to compare their ideal to the real.

At the Saint-Père dairy, they can be done for example on the uses of steam, the chilled water distribution pumps, on the production of glycol water, on the heat recovery of air compressors. Some savings can be made without investments (CAPEX), as is the case with the chilled water pre-cooler for which a simple flow adjustment, identified by MyExpertise, was sufficient.

The actions are implemented and monitored by our MyExpertise experts.


The results in figures

18 months
of deployment on the site are required for the implementation of all energy efficiency measures.
120T eqCO2
annual savings are expected.
120 000€
potential annual utility savings.

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Raphael Barbier

Commercial director

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