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To move your manufacturing sites towards zero-carbon energy, the work and projects defined in the master plan must be implemented. You have the option of entrusting us with project management assistance (PMA) or turnkey project management implementation (TPM).

Together, we contract and build with you; our scope of action according to the specificities of the projects envisaged, and your in-house skills. In general, we define the project taking into account your low-carbon strategy, draw up precise specifications and a work plan, provide organisational and dialogue functions, select, and manage service providers, choose, or advise on materials/technologies, and manage the site, ensuring deadlines, the quality of the work and its compliance with the specifications, and the energy performances calculated beforehand.

We can go even further and offer turnkey projects.


Combining all the company’s activities into energy management every day, thanks to an intelligent and collaborative platform.


Defining the ideal factory and creating a master plan for moving towards zero-carbon energy factories.

Energy management

Supporting sites every day: our offer is modular and flexible.


Technical, legal, and financial design of works projects, management of work sites and monitoring of their performance, etc. Dametis supports you close to the field.