White Papers: A Complete Guide to Environmental Transition in Industry

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White Paper n°1: Get the keys to guide towards Industry 4.0

La Decarbonization of the industry appears today as a major stake, at the same time for economic, geopolitical and environmental reasons. Energy renovation, use of renewable energies… what are the actions to be implemented to achieve this? How can manufacturers get support today?

To help you in this transition, we have written the Dametis White Paper, in 3 chapters, so that you get the keys to guide you towards industry 4.0 !

White Paper No. 2: From energy performance to environmental performance

Today, industries are faced with a complex problem: how to boost their activity, optimize their competitiveness while taking into account environmental imperatives?

Industrial processes are energy-intensive, since they consume a lot of steam, compressed gas, cold, etc. The question of the energy performance of industry is therefore crucial if the sector wants to succeed in its energy transition.

Energy performance is now a prerequisite. It is high time to go further and talk about environmental performance.
We give you all the steps to follow and the tools you need to achieve your environmental performance.

Improve your performance
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Improve your performance
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